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What is the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA)?

JPA is an award winning social service agency founded over one hundred years ago by Jane Addams in Chicago. A century later, JPA’s mission remains steadfast - to serve vulnerable Chicago families experiencing poverty, community/domestic violence, as well as emotional deprivation, where potential for harm or neglect to children is greatest.  
JPA’s mission is to improve the social and emotional well-being and functioning of vulnerable children. Through therapeutic counseling, research, sharing knowledge, and providing expert consultation and guidance, JPA helps children and families develop strong, positive approaches to life enabling them to successfully navigate their environments and reach their fullest potential.  
JPA offers a wide range of services to children, parents, teachers, community groups, nonprofits, governmental agencies. Click here to read stories on JPA’s work in our community.

Here is our 2014 Signature Spring Benefit video!



Help JPA Meet an Important Challenge Grant!

JPA recently received from anonymous donor an important multi-year challenge grant award of $30,000 a year for two years (total - $60,000). This is a 1 to 1 match up to $7,500 per JPA donor annually for $30,000 a year. New gifts and increased contributions to JPA from existing donors will help meet this significant challenge match. When met, the $60,000 challenge grant from an anonymous funder will support JPA’s award winning Building Bridges to North Lawndale (BBNL) program. This wonderful award will have great impact in building new resources to support Chicago’s distressed children and families in great need.

For more information or if you would like to make a contribution in support of JPA’s challenge grant, please contact JPA’s Chief Development Officer  David Wiercinski at 312-698-6937 or davidw@juvenile.org.